What To Know Before Buying Lapis Jewelry

In general, many women love to have jewelry regarding the choice to opt for. If you decide that lapis jewelry can be the best choice for you, then start making the purchase by first knowing a few things.

Do you know how to identify the genuine lapis lazuli gemstone? If you say that you are the newbie and seeking the related information, then you can do the online research. Make sure that you will also continue reading this article. For your information, lapis lazuli has been sought after and used in jewelry for the thousand years. One of the things you must keep in mind is that its rich blue color along with those sparkling flecks of the fools gold iron pyrite. It then makes that gemstone truly irresistible.

Unfortunately, lapis lazuli has become one of the most faked gemstones in the world. This means that you have the chance to get the faked one although you spend a lot of money to make a purchase. This then becomes the reason why you must be careful in selecting jewelry made from lapis lazuli. It can be quite hard to tell the differences between the real gemstone and the fake lazuli. When having the idea to buy it, you can follow these tips.

First, look at the price! The best quality lapis lazuli commands very high prices and tend to get set in gold. However, you may not solely focus on the price. If you then get in only a couple of dollars, it can be the fake one. It can also indicate that you get very poor quality dyed stones.

Do the test to know if your lapis lazuli has been dyed. For this, you can simply wipe your tone with alcohol or acetone. If it then loses its color, you can notice it as the poor quality lazuli which is used to imitate better quality lazuli. Of course, you must be able to distinguish the fake jewelry to avoid the fraud so that you will get what you pay for when buying the jewelry.


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