Tips Of Caring And Cleaning Your Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Do you have lapis jewelry? With so many options of the gemstones in the world, it is possible for you to choose lapis lazuli. Regardless of the material which is used to make the jewelry, you must know how each jewelry needs the right care and maintenance.

The reason why you must have special care to jewelry with lapis lazuli is due to its nature. Even though lapis lazuli is a fairly soft gem, it is a porous rock. If you then soak it in water, it can ruin that gem. To keep the value of your jewelry, then you can start the research which will help you care and clean lapis lazuli jewelry in the right way.

The good thing you should know is lapis lazuli is nowadays much-coveted gemstone among designers. Did you spend a fair amount of money to get that stone? This sounds to be true since the quality lapis lazuli jewelry comes with high price offerings. This means that you will try to not damage it anyway and care it properly.

For the storage need, don’t forget that this is the soft stone so that you must protect it from rubbing and scratching against the harder stones. Did you store it properly? Choose the soft cloth or the one specially designed as jewelry bag in order to prevent the jewelry from getting scratched by faceted gemstones, tanzanite or amethysts for instance. Sure, the best storage choice is to place it inside the jewelry box. This type of box is made with the ability to accommodate any temperature.

Is it important to keep it from direct sunlight? Sunlight can damage any stone which gets used in beaded jewelry, especially lapis lazuli. The exposure to the sunlight or even heat can potentially risk of the lazuli’s magnificent ultramarine blues fade.


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