Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing

Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing: Everything You Need to Know

Lapis Lazuli Chakra is one of the oldest gems, and its history dates back to around 7000 years. It has been enhanced using dyes. There are also other calcite inclusions in the material. They include waxing, as well as impregnations that contain the resins.


Its composition includes lazurite, hauyne, sodalite, and nosean materials.

The dominant color is blue. This is usually mottled with white calcite, which is also brassy. It’s a soft material that ensures that proper care must always be taken when handling the material.


The lapis occurs in multi-kilogram pieces.There are also other small pieces that are available from 10 carats to 20 carats though the little ones are rare to find.


The primary source is deep down Afghanistan in a district known as the Badakhshan district. There are also other deposits across Afghanistan and other pockets across the globe. One such mine is in Chile and also in Colorado.

Buying Lapis Lazuli

Before buying the Gem, it must be tested for its authenticity by reputable laboratories like the GIA laboratory and the AGTA. They test whether the gem has been enhanced or not.

Reasons for buying the Lapis Lazuli

The stone has healing properties that quickly release stress, encourages self-awareness, and helps in achieving inner peace. It also aids in achieving inner power, love, purification, positive magic, friendship, self-confidence, and manifestation.

Below are the most important properties of Lapis Lazuli that you must know.

The Name

Lapis means stone in Latin and Lazuli is derived from the Persian word, Lazhuward, meaning is blue. Therefore, it means blue stone. In a literal sense, it’s a blue stone, but in actual sense, it’s a gift from gods with healing properties.

Spiritual Growth

Lapis Lazuli heals the soul. This is a function that is connected with the control of gods on the lives of people.

It’s a spiritual stone that presents the ability of the gods to enhance the spiritual growth of different individuals. It works by helping different individuals to reach exponentially higher levels in their spiritual growth.

Therefore, it’s a gift from the gods for healing humanity.

Emotional Healing

The stone is the epitome of truth in human lives. It creates self-awareness and also makes humanity to accept knowledge. It permits self-expression and helps in treating diseases, as well as repressing anger.


To women, Lapis Lazuli is a perfect company and their best friend.
It instills confidence and the requisite courage for going after whatever the individual needs. Therefore, it gives women the requisite poise for emotional stability.

For the men, it helps them to focus on themselves and their partners in order to have good relationships.

Balances Brow Chakra

The stone is critical in maintaining the spiritual equilibrium.

The Brow Chakra is the central balance that helps develop one’s perception. By being aware of oneself and the surrounding, the individual can focus on their spiritual well-being.

Improving Mind

When an individual has an objective of expanding their minds, then Lapis Lazuli is the best way of ensuring that their minds grow. Mental development is critical in improving the memory of the people.

Lapis ireates the basis for learning and increases mental capacity.

Communication abilities

Sodalite and pyrite are two properties that depict proficiency and consciousness of the minds. The combination is critical in the management of communication. They also enhance one’s ability to express themselves.

The Balance of Energies

The stone is critical in balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy levels.

The stone balances the energies by preventing any negative thoughts. It also ensures that there is a karmic pattern and facilitates positivism identified in the life of individuals.


People who have Insomnia have a reason to smile since they can access the new stone. These individuals can wear these stones and ensure that their sleeplessness is cured.

It works by amplifying the worldview of individuals. It ensures that when they go to bed, they can have sweet dreams and the nightmares are controlled. The stone is critical for children and other groups of people who have been experiencing bad dreams.

Physical Healing

It’s one stone that exhibits metaphysical traits that are essential for a holistic healing process. The transcendental qualities are responsible for the physical healing of individuals.

Historically, it has been used in Egypt by the ancient Egyptians.

The Alchemists have also been describing the lapis as a stone that helps in treating the circulatory diseases. It can help during pregnancy and management of fever in different individuals.

Boosting Immunity

It purifies blood in different individuals.

The Chakra is also critical in cooling, as well as, soothing the areas of the body inflamed by infectious causative agents.

It’s also essential in cleansing the body organs. These include the bone marrows, the thymus organs, and the blood circulatory system in different individuals.
It is also an important stone in aiding individuals who have previously suffered from other infections.

Luck and Wealth

The stone is a symbol of good luck to different people. It attracts good luck for different individuals. Those who wear the stone have the potential of changing all the energies from negative to positive in their lives.

Keeping a clear head is an essential thing in maintaining their focus on wealth creation. Therefore, Lazuli stones can help individuals in creating wealth. It can also help the individuals to have the wealth that they desire.

Love and Relationships

Developing a proper love life and strong relationships is the basis for one’s physical developments. It’s a fact the Lazuli stones ensure.

A ring cut from the stones has a way of attracting love and bonding individuals together. In this process, it ensures that individuals create great passion and intense bonds.

Lapis Lazuli Chakra

Buying the stone is straightforward for potential buyers. They can be purchased for as low as $1 per single carat.

The superfine materials cut from the Lapis Lazuli chakra can fetch as high as $ 150 to $100 per single carat. This huge price range means that any one can buy the stones for whatever use.


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