Important Things To Consider When Buying Lapis Jewelry

There is no woman who is not tempted by jewelry. This makes women often go crazy and spend it all out when looking at the variety of jewelry they like. You may have the idea or a plan to choose lapis jewelry due to certain reasons. Everyone can choose expensive jewelry if they can afford the purchase. However, choosing jewelry is not as simple as you think.

When it comes to lapis lazuli, the more simple the cut, the mores the stone will shine and exhibit its natural beauty. The most common lapis lazuli cuts are oval and round. Lapis surely has a different texture than many other gemstones like emeralds and diamonds. In addition, the lapis is able to often found in the bead form. Did you know how beads vary greatly in shape and size? The lapis beads are known as the common choices in jewelry.

With all lapis jewelry, it can be ease for you to be creative. If you then choose this type of jewelry then make sure that you will always consider your lifestyle to determine the best piece for you. It also works to help you fit the jewelry into your life. In general, there are few things people consider when choosing jewelry wether it is made of lapil lazuli or another gem type.



Because they do not think long, there are so many women who regret the jewelry they have bought because of the difficulty of being combined with some of the clothes they have or feeling unsuitable when worn. In order to avoid some of these mistakes, here are some guidelines for you in determining which jewelry is right for you.

Quality of jewelry

The best way to know your jewelry is good or not is to look at certification. Don’t forget to see and request the original certification of the jewelry. Apart from certification, the quality of jewelry can also be seen from the model or design, the material used in color and the texture of the jewelry itself.

Choose jewelry with neutral colors

The model of jewelry that is emerging today is jewelry with various colors of rocks. Even though the type of jewelry is very interesting, it’s good to adjust the type of jewelry you choose with the color of your skin. The blend of jewelry colors you choose with your skin type will make your appearance look more sweet and beautiful.

The shape of your face

A necklace is one of the most preferred types of jewelry for women. This necklace is often buffered as jewelry that can enhance your appearance and highlight your beauty. Before you choose a necklace you should pay attention to several things. For those of you who have a small neck should avoid using a tight type of necklace. If you have a wide and short neck type you should use a simple necklace or a single pendant.

The function of the jewelry

Each jewelry has its own type and uses so that you can save your expenses, it’s a good idea to choose jewelry that you can use on several occasions. Choose jewelry that you can use on several occasions and time.


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