Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry: A Brief History of Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry

Did you know that lapis lazuli jewelry has been trending since 1636? That’s the first time that the lapis stone was mentioned in history by the Finish physician Anselmus Boetus de Boodt. Since then, the semi-precious stone has been treasured for its rich lapis color. Here’s everything you need to know about the history of lapis lazuli jewelry….

Wear Lapiz Lazuli

Why Wear Lapiz Lazuli?: The Top Benefits of Wearing Lapiz Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli is a bright blue stone used and worn throughout generations. This precious gem is more than 7000 years old. It is a mineral rock composed of calcite, sodalite, lazurite, pyrite, mica and varying amounts of other minerals. Why should you wear Lapiz lazuli jewelry? In addition to being a beautiful gemstone, historians also…

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