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Why Wear Lapiz Lazuli?: The Top Benefits of Wearing Lapiz Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli is a bright blue stone used and worn throughout generations. This precious gem is more than 7000 years old. It is a mineral rock composed of calcite, sodalite, lazurite, pyrite, mica and varying amounts of other minerals.

Why should you wear Lapiz lazuli jewelry? In addition to being a beautiful gemstone, historians also believe that wearing Lapiz lazuli is a way to achieve a number of benefits. This is an important stone that has a strong influence on people.

It is prized for having special meaning and valuable uses.

Lapiz stones are highly revered because they deliver good results. This post explores the key benefits of blue Lapiz lazuli.

Let’s explore its amazing uses.

Wearing Lapiz Lazuli Encourages Stress-Free Sleep

Do you take sleeping pills each night to fall asleep? Stressed people struggle to fall asleep each night. This is a problem that affects your overall health.

Wearing a beautiful Lapiz gemstone is very effective for your mental state.

If you have difficulty falling asleep at night or if you suffer from insomnia, wearing Lapiz lazuli is the right solution for you. This is a unique form of jewelry that makes you feel more relaxed and peaceful. 

These are important benefits that will enable you to sleep peacefully throughout the night and to wake up in the morning feeling more rested.

It Heals the Body

Lapiz lazuli is an amazing stone that heals the body and mind. It is known to have cosmic power and energy. Stress affects the way you think, it disrupts your sleep patterns and it can also cause major health risks.

Therefore, it is important for you to eliminate all the stress from your body by wearing Lapiz lazuli jewelry.

If you’re stressed from having a busy household or a stressful job,  this is a powerful stone that helps to bring peace and calm to the mind. This amazing crystal stone is beneficial for sickness and common ailments. These may consist of body pains, headaches, inflammatory diseases, high blood pressure, PMS and a range of other painful health conditions.

Wealth and Success

The Lapiz lazuli stone represents luck, prosperity, and attracts positive energies. It possesses deep and mysterious energies that are beneficial for your daily life. You can activate the energies in this stone at home, office, or just about anywhere you want to attract good energy.

In order to attract good luck in all aspects of your life, you will find that this is the perfect stone for you. Even if you’re faced with negative energies, Lapiz lazuli transforms negativity into positivity. 

This is a special stone that helps you to stay focused and leads you on the pathway to success. You have an easier time thinking clearly, making good decisions and being dedicated to your personal goals. Wear this stone to achieve inner balance and a higher connection with the universe.

Improves Relationships

Would you like a unique way to improve your relationships? If you don’t have good relationships with people, you can use a Lapiz lazuli gemstone to mend troubled areas in your life.

To generate love and long-lasting relationships in your personal life, you can count on the magnificence of the Lapiz lazuli. Wear it close to your body every day for emotional healing, wisdom and to maintain a positive energy field. 

This stone gives you the inner confidence and security that you need for relationships. Its healing properties help you to communicate better with people, you feel less irritable and it makes it easier for you to be more open and honest. 

If you want improvement with your love life or social life, Lapiz lazuli gemstones will give you harmony and happiness for your relationships. 

Psychic Stimulation

Whenever you’re ready to obtain spiritual growth or enlightenment, Lapiz jewelry is the right choice for this process. You could have a number of reasons for wanting to expand your mind and to gain knowledge. 

There could be an area in your life where you want to contact your spiritual guardian or to connect with your ancestors. Lapiz lazuli guides you in the right direction. It’s a protective stone that blocks bad energy, it reverses curses and leads you safely on your spiritual journey.

One common benefit for Lapiz lazuli is that it opens and balances your throat chakra. Your enlightenment is activated as well as your sense of power. It is also beneficial for opening the third eye and enhancing your ability to obtain spiritual guidance and information.

This is the perfect stone that brings clairvoyance. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, use this stone for clarity. 

Increased Concentration

Is it difficult for you to focus on your schoolwork? Try a mystical, magical gemstone that helps you to think clearly.

Lapiz lazuli improves your concentration when you want to focus on your studies. This stone is recommended for students in school or college because it enables an individual to have higher knowledge.

Students that struggle to focus on tests can wear Lapiz lazuli to be more successful and for increased intellectual ability.

Choose Quality Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry

To conclude, the benefits of wearing Lapiz lazuli are endless. Professional healers around the world take advantage of this brilliant stone to heal people. Owning a beautiful piece of Lapiz jewelry helps you to obtain its energy and psychic abilities. 

Use Lapiz lazuli with conscious intent to obtain good results. This stone is beneficial for children as well as adults.

Lapiz lazuli is a sought after stone that symbolizes intelligence, power, and vision. It is precious jewelry that lasts for generations. These celestial stones are so empowering, you will feel the effects when you use them.

They are effective for your overall health and help you to achieve a better connection with nature.

If you’re interested in wearing Lapiz lazuli, make sure your stones are tested for originality. To discover the best Lapiz lazuli that nature has to offer, take a look at the beautiful bracelets on our site.  



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