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Wearing Your Lapis Lazuli in Style: How to Style Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry

When looking at a piece of jewelry, you often don’t consider its origins. Where did it come from? Does it have a history?

The blue Lapis Lazuli is one of these stones. Its ancient heritage is not thought of when using it to add an element of class to your style. But it’s rich with history and makes any outfit more beautiful and sophisticated.

But how do you style Lapis Lazuli Jewelry? What are some tricks to incorporating the Lapis color into your style? Let’s take a moment and answer these questions below.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry: A History

The stone’s name, lapis lazuli, actually means bluestone, so the name is very fitting. 

The Lapis stone’s most striking feature is its deep blue-violet color which comes from Lazurite. Speckled with gold flecks, it is truly a sight to behold. The composition of lapis lazuli contains three minerals: pyrite, lazurite, and calcite.

Modern jewelers and trend-setters are not the only ones who admire the lapis lazuli. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and China valued it greatly, and even Marco Polo recognized and wrote about it. Scientists also believe men around 6,500 years ago found the stone. 

The Afghanistan mountains are the primary source of Lapis Lazuli, but the highest quality Lapis has also been found in Italy, the United States, Canada, and Pakistan. 

Lapis Powers

Lapis Lazuli is associated with mystical powers, and some people believe those who wear it can take hold of its healing powers and protection. Its also thought that it brings wisdom and clarity to the wearer. 

The gold specks represent wealth and prosperity, which can bring feelings of comfort to the wearer. 

The color of the Lapis itself promotes a calming feeling, so if your feeling anxious, wearing the lapis lazuli could help steady your anxiety.

How to Wear Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Because this stone is highly valued, many people enjoy wearing it. But the bold color could steer some people away. What’s a way to wear Lapis Lazuli without it becoming too overbearing?

Lapis is very different from more common jewelry like diamonds or pears because of its unique colors. Pairing it with the right colors, cut, and type of jewelry will help you pull off a truly stunning look. 

Here are some ways you can incorporate this powerful stone into your wardrobe. 


The Lapis is cut into many different shapes, sizes, polished, or unpolished. You can find Lapis in the form of ovals, beaded, or other rounded shapes. Because of the speckled gold in the rock, each cut will be one-of-a-kind.

Type of Jewelry

With Lapis, sometimes less is more, so a smaller cut works best. 

Rings, dainty bracelets and necklaces work spectacularly with Lapis and balances out the deep blue. These types of jewelry work in any environment, even a professional one, though probably stay away from casual wear. 

Lapis works best as a small detail in your outfit rather than the star. It works to bring the entire ensemble together instead of being a standout statement piece. 


Lapis’ deep blue works best with cooler colors on the color spectrum. Think silvers or whites! However, because of the gold elements, it looks lovely with a gold frame or chain as well and enhances the speckles.

When you’re wearing Lapis jewelry, you’ll need to consider the color, print, or pattern of your clothing. Lighter colors tend to bring out the deep shade of the Lapis, while the darker color will overshadow it and likely clash. Wearing a blouse with a Lapis necklace could work if the shirt is a lighter color.

The type of clothing makes a difference, as well. Heavier clothing might be too much for the Lapis, whereas apparel that’s more flowing or loose-fitting balances properly. A boho style fits the Lapis perfectly.

Other Type of Jewelry

If you’re planning on wearing different types of jewelry with Lapis, it’s important to note how they may clash. 

The key is to pair Lapis with lighter colors continually, and this applies to other gemstones as well. Diamonds, light-colored quartz, or even pearls complement each other well because of their lack of color. Lapis and emerald, for example, might not work as well because of their similar bold-like nature. 

The critical takeaway is less-is-more with Lapis. Stick to coordinating it with lighter colors and clothing, so your style doesn’t look too bulky. However, on special occasions that call for glitz and glam, a statement pendant with Lapis would be acceptable and gorgeous. 

How to Care for Lapis Jewelry

Even though Lapis is a bold stone, it’s surprisingly fragile and needs protection. Being too rough with Lapis can cause chips and dents, which ruin the surface of the jewelry.

The best way to care for a Lapis stone is to keep it in a soft protective bag you’re not wearing it. Avoid taking it off and laying it on a hard surface.

For cleaning, using a soft cloth with warm water will clean the Lapis effectively. Any harsh chemicals or bristles could damage the stone further. Any contact with other make-up products or cleansing products should be avoided as well.

Lapi Lazuli: A Bold Choice

Lapi Lazuli jewelry is a fabulous choice to wear, even with taking some risks. With its ancient roots and beliefs, combined with modern fashion, wearing the Lapi Lazuli is an attractive choice to almost any outfit. 

Are you ready to add Lapi Lazuli to your jewelry box? Check out our stunning collection and find something you love today! 


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