Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry: A Brief History of Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli

Did you know that lapis lazuli jewelry has been trending since 1636? That’s the first time that the lapis stone was mentioned in history by the Finish physician Anselmus Boetus de Boodt. Since then, the semi-precious stone has been treasured for its rich lapis color. Here’s everything you need to know about the history of lapis lazuli jewelry. […]

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Why Wear Lapiz Lazuli?: The Top Benefits of Wearing Lapiz Lazuli

Wear Lapiz Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli is a bright blue stone used and worn throughout generations. This precious gem is more than 7000 years old. It is a mineral rock composed of calcite, sodalite, lazurite, pyrite, mica and varying amounts of other minerals. Why should you wear Lapiz lazuli jewelry? In addition to being a beautiful gemstone, historians also […]

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Lapis Lazuli Buying Guide: 7 Tips to Follow

Lapis Lazuli Buying Guide

Jewelry lovers have treasured lapis lazuli for thousands of years and with good reason. Most like it not only for its exceptional deep blue color but also for the belief that it has healing properties. Lapis Lazuli Well, lapis lazuli, which is also known as ‘lapis,’ is a blue metamorphic rock used as a gemstone, ornamental […]

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Blue Power: 7 Lapis Lazuli Uses That May Surprise You

7 Lapis Lazuli Uses That May Surprise You

Many people know lapis lazuli as a beautiful deep blue stone with hypnotizing golden flecks. Others appreciate that its celestial color is also a symbol of vision, wisdom, and protection. But in addition to its astounding beauty and long and significant history, lapis lazuli has many different uses. In practical terms, lapis lazuli is stunning when worn as a pendant or […]

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Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing: Everything You Need to Know

Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing

Lapis Lazuli Chakra is one of the oldest gems, and its history dates back to around 7000 years. It has been enhanced using dyes. There are also other calcite inclusions in the material. They include waxing, as well as impregnations that contain the resins. Composition Its composition includes lazurite, hauyne, sodalite, and nosean materials. The dominant […]

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9 Lapis Lazuli Stone Facts That Will Have You Geeking Out

Lapis Lazuli Stone

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most easily recognizable, versatile, and varied gems on Earth. You’ll find it in the form of jewelry, carvings, and even ornamental crockery. It’s one of the very first stones to have found favor with mankind and it’s easy to see why. Read on to find out more about the […]

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Tips Of Caring And Cleaning Your Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Do you have lapis jewelry? With so many options of the gemstones in the world, it is possible for you to choose lapis lazuli. Regardless of the material which is used to make the jewelry, you must know how each jewelry needs the right care and maintenance. The reason why you must have special care […]

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What To Know Before Buying Lapis Jewelry

In general, many women love to have jewelry regarding the choice to opt for. If you decide that lapis jewelry can be the best choice for you, then start making the purchase by first knowing a few things. Do you know how to identify the genuine lapis lazuli gemstone? If you say that you are […]

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