When looking at a piece of jewelry, you often don’t consider its origins. Where did it come from? Does it have a history?

The blue Lapis Lazuli is one of these stones. Its ancient heritage is not thought of when using it to add an element of class to your style. But it’s rich with history and makes any outfit more beautiful and sophisticated.

But how do you style Lapis Lazuli Jewelry? What are some tricks to incorporating the Lapis color into your style? Let’s take a moment and answer these questions below.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry: A History

The stone’s name, lapis lazuli, actually means bluestone, so the name is very fitting. 

The Lapis stone’s most striking feature is its deep blue-violet color which comes from Lazurite. Speckled with gold flecks, it is truly a sight to behold. The composition of lapis lazuli contains three minerals: pyrite, lazurite, and calcite.

Modern jewelers and trend-setters are not the only ones who admire the lapis lazuli. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and China valued it greatly, and even Marco Polo recognized and wrote about it. Scientists also believe men around 6,500 years ago found the stone. 

The Afghanistan mountains are the primary source of Lapis Lazuli, but the highest quality Lapis has also been found in Italy, the United States, Canada, and Pakistan. 

Lapis Powers

Lapis Lazuli is associated with mystical powers, and some people believe those who wear it can take hold of its healing powers and protection. Its also thought that it brings wisdom and clarity to the wearer. 

The gold specks represent wealth and prosperity, which can bring feelings of comfort to the wearer. 

The color of the Lapis itself promotes a calming feeling, so if your feeling anxious, wearing the lapis lazuli could help steady your anxiety.

How to Wear Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Because this stone is highly valued, many people enjoy wearing it. But the bold color could steer some people away. What’s a way to wear Lapis Lazuli without it becoming too overbearing?

Lapis is very different from more common jewelry like diamonds or pears because of its unique colors. Pairing it with the right colors, cut, and type of jewelry will help you pull off a truly stunning look. 

Here are some ways you can incorporate this powerful stone into your wardrobe. 


The Lapis is cut into many different shapes, sizes, polished, or unpolished. You can find Lapis in the form of ovals, beaded, or other rounded shapes. Because of the speckled gold in the rock, each cut will be one-of-a-kind.

Type of Jewelry

With Lapis, sometimes less is more, so a smaller cut works best. 

Rings, dainty bracelets and necklaces work spectacularly with Lapis and balances out the deep blue. These types of jewelry work in any environment, even a professional one, though probably stay away from casual wear. 

Lapis works best as a small detail in your outfit rather than the star. It works to bring the entire ensemble together instead of being a standout statement piece. 


Lapis’ deep blue works best with cooler colors on the color spectrum. Think silvers or whites! However, because of the gold elements, it looks lovely with a gold frame or chain as well and enhances the speckles.

When you’re wearing Lapis jewelry, you’ll need to consider the color, print, or pattern of your clothing. Lighter colors tend to bring out the deep shade of the Lapis, while the darker color will overshadow it and likely clash. Wearing a blouse with a Lapis necklace could work if the shirt is a lighter color.

The type of clothing makes a difference, as well. Heavier clothing might be too much for the Lapis, whereas apparel that’s more flowing or loose-fitting balances properly. A boho style fits the Lapis perfectly.

Other Type of Jewelry

If you’re planning on wearing different types of jewelry with Lapis, it’s important to note how they may clash. 

The key is to pair Lapis with lighter colors continually, and this applies to other gemstones as well. Diamonds, light-colored quartz, or even pearls complement each other well because of their lack of color. Lapis and emerald, for example, might not work as well because of their similar bold-like nature. 

The critical takeaway is less-is-more with Lapis. Stick to coordinating it with lighter colors and clothing, so your style doesn’t look too bulky. However, on special occasions that call for glitz and glam, a statement pendant with Lapis would be acceptable and gorgeous. 

How to Care for Lapis Jewelry

Even though Lapis is a bold stone, it’s surprisingly fragile and needs protection. Being too rough with Lapis can cause chips and dents, which ruin the surface of the jewelry.

The best way to care for a Lapis stone is to keep it in a soft protective bag you’re not wearing it. Avoid taking it off and laying it on a hard surface.

For cleaning, using a soft cloth with warm water will clean the Lapis effectively. Any harsh chemicals or bristles could damage the stone further. Any contact with other make-up products or cleansing products should be avoided as well.

Lapi Lazuli: A Bold Choice

Lapi Lazuli jewelry is a fabulous choice to wear, even with taking some risks. With its ancient roots and beliefs, combined with modern fashion, wearing the Lapi Lazuli is an attractive choice to almost any outfit. 

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Did you know that lapis lazuli jewelry has been trending since 1636? That’s the first time that the lapis stone was mentioned in history by the Finish physician Anselmus Boetus de Boodt.

Since then, the semi-precious stone has been treasured for its rich lapis color. Here’s everything you need to know about the history of lapis lazuli jewelry.

History of Lapis Lazuli

Although it might be hard to believe, early researchers commonly referred to lapis lazuli as sapphire because of their similar color. In fact, blue lapis lazuli jewelry has been unearthed in ancient tombs around the world, including:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Mesopotamia
  • Egypt
  • China
  • Greece
  • Rome

That’s not all. In 700 BC, lapis lazuli was produced in special mines back when Afghanistan was known as “Bactria”. Not to mention the fact that Afghanistan is still the world’s oldest manufacturer of the gemstone.

Want to know the best part? Lapis lazuli was used to stamp documents back in the prehistoric Near East. Amazingly, the lapis lazuli stamp was used to mark seals, inscriptions, and signatures. As if that wasn’t enough, people actually wore the lapis lazuli stamp as a necklace too. 

What does “lapis lazuli” mean anyway? In English, the term translates to “blue stone.” Historically, the lapis color was used by artists as a paint pigment called ultramarine. Incredibly, lapis lazuli was also used to create makeup in ancient Egypt.

Even during the 18th century, the lapis stone stone was used as a “gem language” to send a message to a loved one. How so? Passing lapis lazuli to someone you knew represented “good luck” and “love me” during this period in time.

However, the lapis stone hasn’t only been used to make jewelry over the years. It’s also been historically used to make: 

  • Gaming boards
  • Stone bowls
  • Knife handles
  • Hairbrushes
  • Amulets

Nowadays, lapis lazuli is most commonly used in works of art or fine jewelry. 

Additionally, lapis lazuli is used to make mosaics, and vases in modern times. Even carvings, boxes, ornaments, and statues are made out to the lapis lazuli stone by today’s artists.

What is Lapis Lazuli?

Ever wonder what lazurite is? Basically, it’s the primary mineral that’s responsible for the lapis lazuli stone’s formation. In addition to lazurite, most lapis lazuli stones also have: 

  • Calcite
  • Sodalite
  • Pyrite 

While calcite provides the white color to lapis lazuli, sodalite contributes the signature blue color. Also, pyrite gives a yellow tone to the gemstone. All of these minerals are part of what makes lapis lazuli unique.

Known as a metamorphic rock, lapis lazuli occurs when several other rocks melt together to form a new type of stone. 

What makes lapis lazuli jewelry so blue? According to scientists, the royal blue color of lapis lazuli is due to the presence of a cell called trisulfur radical anion in the gemstone.

Now: lapis lazuli is usually made in the laboratory. Using the Gilson process, the semi-precious stone is created to make fake ultramarine and hydrous zinc phosphates.

Other substitutes for the lapis lazuli stone include: 

  • Spinel
  • Sodalite
  • Jasper (that’s been dyed)
  • Howlite

Lapis Lazuli Legends

What’s the real story about lapis lazuli? Legend has it that the mystical goddess of Sumeria, Inanna, entered the netherworld with a lapis lazuli necklace around her neck. The craziest part? The tale of Inanna was written in 4,000 BCE.

According to Scott Cunningham, the author of Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic, “In ancient Sumer, lapis lazuli has timeless associations” with the realm of the gods. 

Cunningham continues that the stone supposedly contains “the soul of the deity, who would ‘rejoice in its owner.’” That’s why Egyptian royalty preferred to use the lapis lazuli stone to decorate their judges with lapis lazuli emblems.

This is crazy: there’s an ancient Persian legend about the lapis lazuli stone. Back in the day, it was believed that the skies were blue because the world sat upon a gigantic slab of lapis lazuli. 

Astonishingly, lapis lazuli was also seen as a sacred gem of sorts. It was placed into the coffins of the dead to lead the way for them into the next life. 

It gets better: the lapis lazuli stone was also used in the Americas to make decorative masks by several tribes, including:

  • The Incas
  • The Molles
  • The Diaguitas 

Did you know that ancient people in the Middle East thought that lapis lazuli had magical properties? That’s why so many rings, scarab beetles, and figurines were crafted out to the blue gemstone.

When the Greek king Alexander the Great discovered lapis lazuli in Egypt, he brought tons of it back with him to Europe. Once there, Europeans called the semi-precious stone “ultramarine,” meaning “of the sea.”

Apparently, lapis lazuli was also found in the city of Ur along the banks of the Euphrates river. Surprisingly, the ancient Mesopotamian town had been trading the stone since sometime between 4000 and 3001 BC. This was made possible by the rivers that carried lapis lazuli to the region from Afghanistan.

The Story of Lapis Lazuli

The story of lapis lazuli is truly an ancient one.

First documented in the 1600s, the lapis lazuli stone has been around since at least 4,000 BCE. From makeup to vases, the semi-precious stone has always been celebrated for its rich hue.

Today, lapis lazuli jewelry is a must-have for every gem collector!

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Being able to tell whether or not your Lapiz Lazuli jewelry is real or fake can be tricky if you don’t know a lot about this particular stone. To remedy that, we’ve curated a list of the best tell-tale signs for examining your Lapiz stone jewelry. 

Real Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry 

Lapiz Lazuli is one of the most counterfeited stones in the world as a result of its popularity in jewelry. Not only this, but historically Lapiz Lazuli was an incredibly popular and beautiful stone. Due to this, knowing whether or not the jewelry you’re looking to purchase is real can save you a lot of grief and money. 


Is the price far too low in comparison to other Lapiz Lazuli sellers? Price is a good indicator of whether or not the stone you’re looking to purchase is real. Of course, it could also be a poor quality stone, but either way, if the prices don’t match steering clear of that vendor might be a good idea. 

Dyed Stones 

Since Lapiz Lazuli has that signature blue color, fake or poor quality stones are often dyed. The fake or poor quality lapiz color might look similar to real stones, but if you wipe ethanol on it dyed stones will lose some color. A small amount won’t hurt the stone and should reveal any dye on a stone. 


The color of a good quality Lapiz Lazuli stone is the color. They range from a greenish-blue to a dark indigo blue. In addition to the blue coloration of the stone, there can be pyrite specks throughout the stone. 

A poor quality stone can contain white looking stone, which is calcite chunks. The flecks of pyrite, which are also called fools gold, don’t typically devalue the stone unless there is an excess of them. A poor quality stone will be closer to a greenish color and less of a blue color, which is a result of an overabundance of the pyrite.

Calcite Chunks

As noted in the coloration of the Lapiz Lazuli stone, if there are a lot of calcite chunks within the stone it greatly devalues it. This can be dyed over by untrustworthy vendors, but while an inexpensive stone, it is still real. 

A good way to tell if a lapiz lazuli stone is fake is that there are absolutely no calcite chunks. While this stone is devalued if there are too many, it is natural for there to be some. If there is a lack of both calcite chunks and pyrite flecks, your jewelry is likely fake. 

Mohs Hardness Scale 

On the hardness scale typically used for rocks, Lapiz Lazuli ranks at a 5-6. Hardness is not the same in gem terms as it is in day to day life. The hardness of rock means in comparison from Talc to Diamonds, how easily it can be scratched.

To test whether or not your stone is what it should be, gently scratch a copper stone against your jewelry. If it doesn’t scratch your stone, then it’s above a 3 on the scale. Going further up on the scale could damage your jewelry and so it’s wise not to go too close to the actual numerical value assigned to Lapiz Lazuli.

Destructive Tests

Destructive tests should only be performed by professionals, but are a great way to tell if your prized jewelry is fake or not. These methods should also not be done directly on the jewelry themselves because it risks ruining the stone. If part of your jewelry has chipped off or a bead has broken, these are the best parts to test. 

A popular method is putting a few drops of hydrochloric acid on a piece of the jewelry that could be sacrificed. This will result in the smell of rotten eggs coming off of the jewelry if it is real. This is because of the chemical structure of Lapiz Lazuli- adding the acid will make disulfide gas, which smells unpleasant. 

Identifying the hardness using the Mohs hardness scale becomes destructive if the person interested in identifying their stone gets close to the ranking of their stone. For example, streaking the stone with something close to a four or even bordering on five could ruin the stone. For this reason, it can be done with an unusable piece of stone, but not any wearable jewelry. 

Why Does It Matter? 

If you’re not using Lapiz Lazuli for its beautiful look and don’t care about the value, then this might not matter to you. But for people who are interested in Lapiz Lazuli for its energy or health benefits, knowing whether or not your jewelry is real or fake is important. 


The value of fake Lapiz Lazuli is significantly less than the real stone. If you’re interested in the resale value of your jewelry, knowing if it’s real or not is important. Not to mention the wear and tear of your jewelry will greatly differ depending on what stone it is. 


If you’re out to use Lapiz Lazuli as a healing stone and you’ve been sold an imitation then it won’t work. The real stone is great for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This means that ensuring that your stone is actually a Lapiz Lazuli would be in your best interest if your purpose is for healing. 


There is a lot of energy connected with Lapiz Lazuli stone and this has been known for thousands of years, dating all the way back to the Egyptians. This energy is linked specifically with Lapiz Lazuli and if the stone is fake or poor quality the results won’t be the same. 

Real Lapiz Lazuli 

No matter the reason you’re interested in making sure that your lapiz lazuli jewelry is real Lapiz Lazuli, we’ve got much more information concerning this stone on our blog. Not only do we have more information available, but if you’re interested in purchasing new, good quality Lapiz Lazuli our store has plenty. 

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Lapiz Lazuli is a bright blue stone used and worn throughout generations. This precious gem is more than 7000 years old. It is a mineral rock composed of calcite, sodalite, lazurite, pyrite, mica and varying amounts of other minerals.

Why should you wear Lapiz lazuli jewelry? In addition to being a beautiful gemstone, historians also believe that wearing Lapiz lazuli is a way to achieve a number of benefits. This is an important stone that has a strong influence on people.

It is prized for having special meaning and valuable uses.

Lapiz stones are highly revered because they deliver good results. This post explores the key benefits of blue Lapiz lazuli.

Let’s explore its amazing uses.

Wearing Lapiz Lazuli Encourages Stress-Free Sleep

Do you take sleeping pills each night to fall asleep? Stressed people struggle to fall asleep each night. This is a problem that affects your overall health.

Wearing a beautiful Lapiz gemstone is very effective for your mental state.

If you have difficulty falling asleep at night or if you suffer from insomnia, wearing Lapiz lazuli is the right solution for you. This is a unique form of jewelry that makes you feel more relaxed and peaceful. 

These are important benefits that will enable you to sleep peacefully throughout the night and to wake up in the morning feeling more rested.

It Heals the Body

Lapiz lazuli is an amazing stone that heals the body and mind. It is known to have cosmic power and energy. Stress affects the way you think, it disrupts your sleep patterns and it can also cause major health risks.

Therefore, it is important for you to eliminate all the stress from your body by wearing Lapiz lazuli jewelry.

If you’re stressed from having a busy household or a stressful job,  this is a powerful stone that helps to bring peace and calm to the mind. This amazing crystal stone is beneficial for sickness and common ailments. These may consist of body pains, headaches, inflammatory diseases, high blood pressure, PMS and a range of other painful health conditions.

Wealth and Success

The Lapiz lazuli stone represents luck, prosperity, and attracts positive energies. It possesses deep and mysterious energies that are beneficial for your daily life. You can activate the energies in this stone at home, office, or just about anywhere you want to attract good energy.

In order to attract good luck in all aspects of your life, you will find that this is the perfect stone for you. Even if you’re faced with negative energies, Lapiz lazuli transforms negativity into positivity. 

This is a special stone that helps you to stay focused and leads you on the pathway to success. You have an easier time thinking clearly, making good decisions and being dedicated to your personal goals. Wear this stone to achieve inner balance and a higher connection with the universe.

Improves Relationships

Would you like a unique way to improve your relationships? If you don’t have good relationships with people, you can use a Lapiz lazuli gemstone to mend troubled areas in your life.

To generate love and long-lasting relationships in your personal life, you can count on the magnificence of the Lapiz lazuli. Wear it close to your body every day for emotional healing, wisdom and to maintain a positive energy field. 

This stone gives you the inner confidence and security that you need for relationships. Its healing properties help you to communicate better with people, you feel less irritable and it makes it easier for you to be more open and honest. 

If you want improvement with your love life or social life, Lapiz lazuli gemstones will give you harmony and happiness for your relationships. 

Psychic Stimulation

Whenever you’re ready to obtain spiritual growth or enlightenment, Lapiz jewelry is the right choice for this process. You could have a number of reasons for wanting to expand your mind and to gain knowledge. 

There could be an area in your life where you want to contact your spiritual guardian or to connect with your ancestors. Lapiz lazuli guides you in the right direction. It’s a protective stone that blocks bad energy, it reverses curses and leads you safely on your spiritual journey.

One common benefit for Lapiz lazuli is that it opens and balances your throat chakra. Your enlightenment is activated as well as your sense of power. It is also beneficial for opening the third eye and enhancing your ability to obtain spiritual guidance and information.

This is the perfect stone that brings clairvoyance. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, use this stone for clarity. 

Increased Concentration

Is it difficult for you to focus on your schoolwork? Try a mystical, magical gemstone that helps you to think clearly.

Lapiz lazuli improves your concentration when you want to focus on your studies. This stone is recommended for students in school or college because it enables an individual to have higher knowledge.

Students that struggle to focus on tests can wear Lapiz lazuli to be more successful and for increased intellectual ability.

Choose Quality Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry

To conclude, the benefits of wearing Lapiz lazuli are endless. Professional healers around the world take advantage of this brilliant stone to heal people. Owning a beautiful piece of Lapiz jewelry helps you to obtain its energy and psychic abilities. 

Use Lapiz lazuli with conscious intent to obtain good results. This stone is beneficial for children as well as adults.

Lapiz lazuli is a sought after stone that symbolizes intelligence, power, and vision. It is precious jewelry that lasts for generations. These celestial stones are so empowering, you will feel the effects when you use them.

They are effective for your overall health and help you to achieve a better connection with nature.

If you’re interested in wearing Lapiz lazuli, make sure your stones are tested for originality. To discover the best Lapiz lazuli that nature has to offer, take a look at the beautiful bracelets on our site.  


Jewelry lovers have treasured lapis lazuli for thousands of years and with good reason.

Most like it not only for its exceptional deep blue color but also for the belief that it has healing properties.

Lapis Lazuli

Well, lapis lazuli, which is also known as ‘lapis,’ is a blue metamorphic rock used as a gemstone, ornamental material, and sculpting material for thousands of years. So, lapis has its rightful place in the evolution of jewelry.

Unlike most many gem materials, lapis lazuli isn’t a mineral, but a rock consisting of multiple minerals.

Lapis lazuli’s blue color mainly originates from the composition of lazurite, which is a blue silicate mineral. Other than lazurite, the lapis specimens also contain calcite and pyrite, among other minerals.

Lapis has a range of colors, including deep blue, violets, and bluish green.

Conventionally, lapis will have a dark blue color with little to invisible elements of pyrite and calcite.

It’s, however, almost impossible to find a lapis without some visible pyrite and calcite inclusions.

So, the presence of such inclusions doesn’t, in any way, lower the stone’s value. Most people are usually impressed by the calcite’s white streaks or pyrite’s shimmering flecks.

Afghanistan is the leading source of lapis lazuli in the world. Other countries that produce a significant amount of lapis include Russia, Chile, Canada, and Pakistan.

In the U.S., small quantities of lapis lazuli have been produced in Arizona, California, and Colorado.

Are you looking to purchase a piece of this precious gemstone? You need to keep several factors in mind so you can get a high-quality piece.

Imitations of Lapis Lazuli

Although lapis lazuli is a rare stone, specimens of exceptional quality can be rare. While the market mostly comprises of natural lapis, it’s not uncommon to find imitations. Particularly, plastics and colored glass are the most imitations found.

They can be altered to mimic the look of the authentic dark blue, speckled lapis.

If you aren’t so sure whether a piece of lapis jewelry is genuine, you can get the opinion of a high-end jeweler or gemologist. One of the ways to tell if the lapis jewelry is authentic is that it won’t be valuable.

To reduce the chances of taking home an imitation of lapis, purchase it from a reputed retailer. Ensure the retailer has a proven track record as well. That’s the only way to tell you’ll be sold a genuine piece of lapis jewelry.

Also, don’t go with the first seller you get; shop around to make comparisons on prices and quality so you can make the final decision.

Enhanced Lapis Lazuli

Generally, lapis us neither treated nor enhanced. But at times, waxing, resin impregnation, and dying can be done to enhance its color. Such methods can make the gemstone unstable. Not to mention, the color enhancement is likely to fade with time.

Be sure to confirm with the vendor whether the stone has undergone any enhancement. Avoid treated stones as much as possible.


A simpler cut in lapis will make the stone reveal its natural beauty. The common cuts for lapis are oval and round, often cut en cabochon.

Lapis may at times be faceted, but since it’s an opaque stone, faceting doesn’t contribute much in terms of light performance. On the contrary, it adds interest and depth to the stone’s overall look.

Lapis lazuli has 5 to 5.5 ranking on the Mohs scale, which means it’s quite soft. Although it’s not as hard as sapphires or diamonds, its soft nature means that cutters can creatively turn it into carvings and figurines that are mainly used to decorate households and not jewelry.

Normally, lapis comes in the form of beads of varying shapes and sizes. The beads are common jewelry items that are usually used along with stones believed to contain spiritual power like lapis.

When shopping for necklaces and bracelets, you may realize they contain lapis beads.


The rough lapis Lazuli stones are relatively affordable, but they lack the smooth, shiny look commonly associated with valuable lapis.

Once the stone has been worked on, its pricing starts to rise. Finely grained specimens may have a smooth, polished surface not common in lower grades.

The lapis lazuli jewelry’s setting also contributes to the stone’s overall cost. When set in platinum or gold and matched with other gemstones such as emeralds or diamonds, the cost of lapis lazuli can jump into thousands of dollars.

The upside with this is everyone can find a piece that matches their budget.

If you are on a budget, then you may want to consider silver or steel pieces. But if your budget can allow it, you will like the glamour of lapis in gold settings.


The stone’s origin can determine the overall value of the piece too.

Afghan and Persian stones are more valuable (because of their uniform dark color and a lower percentage of calcite and pyrite impurities) compared to stones from Serbia and Russia. Stones from Chile are the least valuable as they usually contain large amounts of calcite matrix.


Lapis lazuli is typically opaque to the eye. Often, stones with a fine and polished surface don’t have cracks that may make the piece less durable.


The finest color of lapis lazuli should be intense blue with minor flecks of pyrite. Ensure it doesn’t contain visible, white calcite veins and that the pyrite is of a smaller size.

The reason is many pyrite inclusions tend to add discoloration along the edges, making the entire piece less attractive. And you want to put on jewelry that will enhance your bold look, right?

Final Thoughts

You can easily purchase lapis lazuli online, but the only challenge is you won’t be able to try the piece on.

You can go through your jewelry collection to get more ideas with regard to the size of the earrings or length of a necklace to guide you on what to purchase online. Always, check to ensure you are using a trusted website and read customer reviews, so you don’t get scammed.

If you need guidance in finding a healing piece of lapis lazuli jewelry online, go to this page.

Many people know lapis lazuli as a beautiful deep blue stone with hypnotizing golden flecks. Others appreciate that its celestial color is also a symbol of vision, wisdom, and protection.

But in addition to its astounding beauty and long and significant history, lapis lazuli has many different uses.

In practical terms, lapis lazuli is stunning when worn as a pendant or other form of jewelry. And its blue pigment was used in dye, paint, and makeup for centuries. But beyond the practical, many lapis lazuli uses come from its powers to offer protection, healing, and a heightened sense of awareness.

Read on to find out more about how to use lapis lazuli and benefit from this powerful stone’s incredible properties.

What Does Lapis Lazuli Do? 

While the name lapis lazuli has deep roots in history, it is far from mysterious. ‘Lapis’ means stone in Latin, while ‘lazuli’ derives from the Arabic word ‘lazuward’, meaning azure, or blue.

But, while its name simply means ‘blue stone’, the personal meaning that lapis lazuli holds is different for every person in possession of its unique powers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many lapis uses:

Supports Physical Healing

Many people use lapis lazuli for its range of physical health benefits.

Lapis is well known for its ability to provide relief from a variety of head and neck pains. In fact, many migraine sufferers find that lapis can soothe their headaches. And warming a piece of lapis and holding it to your eye can help fight eye infections. As such, wearing a lapis lazuli necklace can help concentrate the stone’s healing energy around this part of your body.

Because of the way lapis promotes clarity of thought and speech, many use it to help those with speech disorders or forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

Other lapis healing properties include an ability to improve and restore your body’s natural heart rhythm. For those with poor circulation or an irregular heartbeat, lapis can provide an extra boost to other standard treatments.

Lapis lazuli may also ease the pain of menstrual cramps thanks to its effect on the endocrine system. This same effect can also help to improve your quality of sleep and reduce insomnia by promoting peaceful thoughts.

Encourages Emotional Balance

As well as physical healing, lapis lazuli also encourages the body to heal itself on an emotional level to achieve greater internal balance.

Lapis lazuli may help to relieve the pain of emotional trauma, while it’s also recommended for those with depression and anxiety.

A lot of this emotional relief and balance comes from the lapis lazuli properties that bring calm and peace. Lapis also helps to provide greater insight and vision, allowing sufferers to draw what could be deep and hidden issues to the surface as a way to process them.

Aids Learning 

Lapis is a stone of truth, encouraging honesty and the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

As such, lapis can activate the higher mind, working to enhance the learning process and boost memory. Lapis is also helpful for maintaining concentration and focus, so it is a good stone to use while studying or working on a difficult project.

Boosts Critical Thinking and Creativity 

Through its ability to improve your focus and concentration when learning new things, lapis lazuli also helps to improve the way you process and use this information.

The energy of lapis can help you understand complex ideas and gives you the means to look at situations from several perspectives. And, as well as helping you gain insight and further intellectual analysis, lapis can also boost your ability to solve problems and come up with new ideas.

In this sense, it can be a powerful aid for those in search of inspiration for creative pursuits or for overcoming obstacles.

Brings Harmony to Relationships

Through its ability to help you achieve greater emotional balance and deeper insight, lapis also brings emotional maturity. This, in turn, allows you to feel greater levels of compassion and become more in tune with the needs of those around you.

By using the power of lapis in a wise and mature way, you will be able to enhance your relationships and achieve a sense of harmony with loved ones.

In fact, lapis can help improve all your daily interactions thanks to its power to improve communication. The positive energy lapis lazuli brings promotes a clearer voice that allows for better mutual understanding and empathy.

Attracts Success

Another use for the power that lapis lazuli energy provides is to create a stronger link between dreams and reality. For this reason, it’s ideal for using within manifestations as a way to attract success in any part of your life.

Also, thanks to its ability to lower anxiety and bring positive thoughts, it is useful for those seeking success in a public or performance-related area such as singers and actors. For many, carrying a lapis lazuli stone to an audition can prove to be just what they needed to find their voice and overcome their stage fright.

Provides Tranquility and Mental Clarity 

Ancient stones like lapis lazuli bring the wisdom of many centuries of history within their energy. As such, the ads, news, and hype we are all exposed to on a daily basis are a mere drop in the ocean in comparison.

Lapis can help you cut through this constant stream of information to gain mental clarity and obtain the serenity you need to focus on what’s important. If you feel overwhelmed by modern life, finding comfort in the stillness and tranquil energy of lapis lazuli can be a savior.

Some people like to rest a lapis lazuli stone by the bath during a long soak, or you could use lapis during your meditation routine to help calm your senses and provide greater self-awareness.

Lapis Lazuli Uses to Inspire You

As these lapis lazuli uses show that there’s a lot more to this beautiful stone than its deep color and ancient history.

But, to make sure the lapis lazuli you choose is effective for you, it’s important to select a stone that speaks to you.

For more information on lapis lazuli and its many uses, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.


Lapis Lazuli Chakra is one of the oldest gems, and its history dates back to around 7000 years. It has been enhanced using dyes. There are also other calcite inclusions in the material. They include waxing, as well as impregnations that contain the resins.


Its composition includes lazurite, hauyne, sodalite, and nosean materials.

The dominant color is blue. This is usually mottled with white calcite, which is also brassy. It’s a soft material that ensures that proper care must always be taken when handling the material.


The lapis occurs in multi-kilogram pieces.There are also other small pieces that are available from 10 carats to 20 carats though the little ones are rare to find.


The primary source is deep down Afghanistan in a district known as the Badakhshan district. There are also other deposits across Afghanistan and other pockets across the globe. One such mine is in Chile and also in Colorado.

Buying Lapis Lazuli

Before buying the Gem, it must be tested for its authenticity by reputable laboratories like the GIA laboratory and the AGTA. They test whether the gem has been enhanced or not.

Reasons for buying the Lapis Lazuli

The stone has healing properties that quickly release stress, encourages self-awareness, and helps in achieving inner peace. It also aids in achieving inner power, love, purification, positive magic, friendship, self-confidence, and manifestation.

Below are the most important properties of Lapis Lazuli that you must know.

The Name

Lapis means stone in Latin and Lazuli is derived from the Persian word, Lazhuward, meaning is blue. Therefore, it means blue stone. In a literal sense, it’s a blue stone, but in actual sense, it’s a gift from gods with healing properties.

Spiritual Growth

Lapis Lazuli heals the soul. This is a function that is connected with the control of gods on the lives of people.

It’s a spiritual stone that presents the ability of the gods to enhance the spiritual growth of different individuals. It works by helping different individuals to reach exponentially higher levels in their spiritual growth.

Therefore, it’s a gift from the gods for healing humanity.

Emotional Healing

The stone is the epitome of truth in human lives. It creates self-awareness and also makes humanity to accept knowledge. It permits self-expression and helps in treating diseases, as well as repressing anger.


To women, Lapis Lazuli is a perfect company and their best friend.
It instills confidence and the requisite courage for going after whatever the individual needs. Therefore, it gives women the requisite poise for emotional stability.

For the men, it helps them to focus on themselves and their partners in order to have good relationships.

Balances Brow Chakra

The stone is critical in maintaining the spiritual equilibrium.

The Brow Chakra is the central balance that helps develop one’s perception. By being aware of oneself and the surrounding, the individual can focus on their spiritual well-being.

Improving Mind

When an individual has an objective of expanding their minds, then Lapis Lazuli is the best way of ensuring that their minds grow. Mental development is critical in improving the memory of the people.

Lapis ireates the basis for learning and increases mental capacity.

Communication abilities

Sodalite and pyrite are two properties that depict proficiency and consciousness of the minds. The combination is critical in the management of communication. They also enhance one’s ability to express themselves.

The Balance of Energies

The stone is critical in balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy levels.

The stone balances the energies by preventing any negative thoughts. It also ensures that there is a karmic pattern and facilitates positivism identified in the life of individuals.


People who have Insomnia have a reason to smile since they can access the new stone. These individuals can wear these stones and ensure that their sleeplessness is cured.

It works by amplifying the worldview of individuals. It ensures that when they go to bed, they can have sweet dreams and the nightmares are controlled. The stone is critical for children and other groups of people who have been experiencing bad dreams.

Physical Healing

It’s one stone that exhibits metaphysical traits that are essential for a holistic healing process. The transcendental qualities are responsible for the physical healing of individuals.

Historically, it has been used in Egypt by the ancient Egyptians.

The Alchemists have also been describing the lapis as a stone that helps in treating the circulatory diseases. It can help during pregnancy and management of fever in different individuals.

Boosting Immunity

It purifies blood in different individuals.

The Chakra is also critical in cooling, as well as, soothing the areas of the body inflamed by infectious causative agents.

It’s also essential in cleansing the body organs. These include the bone marrows, the thymus organs, and the blood circulatory system in different individuals.
It is also an important stone in aiding individuals who have previously suffered from other infections.

Luck and Wealth

The stone is a symbol of good luck to different people. It attracts good luck for different individuals. Those who wear the stone have the potential of changing all the energies from negative to positive in their lives.

Keeping a clear head is an essential thing in maintaining their focus on wealth creation. Therefore, Lazuli stones can help individuals in creating wealth. It can also help the individuals to have the wealth that they desire.

Love and Relationships

Developing a proper love life and strong relationships is the basis for one’s physical developments. It’s a fact the Lazuli stones ensure.

A ring cut from the stones has a way of attracting love and bonding individuals together. In this process, it ensures that individuals create great passion and intense bonds.

Lapis Lazuli Chakra

Buying the stone is straightforward for potential buyers. They can be purchased for as low as $1 per single carat.

The superfine materials cut from the Lapis Lazuli chakra can fetch as high as $ 150 to $100 per single carat. This huge price range means that any one can buy the stones for whatever use.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most easily recognizable, versatile, and varied gems on Earth. You’ll find it in the form of jewelry, carvings, and even ornamental crockery.

It’s one of the very first stones to have found favor with mankind and it’s easy to see why. Read on to find out more about the interesting and beautiful lapis lazuli stone here. 

1. Lapis Lazuli Stone Is an Ancient Treasure

Man has been using this intense blue gemstone for at least 6,500 years.

Archaeological evidence suggests that it was highly prized by several advanced civilizations. Namely, the early Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Mesopotamian people. Ancient pieces of hair combs, dagger handles, figurines, and bowls found at various sites around the world are proof of this. 

Naturally, this lovely gemstone was also widely used for ornamentation in the form of cabochons and beads. Even Tutankhamen’s mask has swatches of lapis lazuli on it. In ancient Egypt, it was taboo for anyone but the very rich to own lapis lazuli. 

2. It Makes Incredible Paint

Not only did these early civilizations use the stone extensively in jewelry and artifacts, but they also put ground lapis lazuli to work as a type of eyeshadow. 

Throughout history, some of the world’s most distinguished artists have used it as a blue pigment to craft many of the world’s finest artworks. Known as ultramarine, which means ‘beyond the sea’, this paint was more expensive than gold at one stage. 

Michaelangelo used ultramarine to create portions of his magnificent fresco, ‘The Last Judgment”. More recently, Johannes Vermeer used it extensively in masterpieces like ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’. Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’ also owes its vivid blue hues to this pigment. 

Pure lapis lazuli makes an incredibly vivid dye that holds its color forever and is so rare that these type of paints are no longer manufactured. 

3. It’s Good for You

Historically, people also ground lapis lazuli into powder to make eyeshadow and medicinal elixirs. Ancient Egyptian manuscripts suggest that lapis lazuli powder formed part of the treatment for cataracts, conjunctivitis, and hysteria.

Also in Egypt, necklaces of lapis lazuli were often given to shy children to give them courage.   

Today, lapis lazuli still has a place in the field of spiritual healing as a panacea for anxiety and restlessness. Of course, people don’t consume lapis lazuli anymore, but the mere presence of the stone can induce these benefits. 

People who practice healing with these stones claim they also have a role to play in easing ear, nose, and throat pain. They’re used to treat all kind of maladies from insomnia to regulating blood pressure, heart rhythm and pain.

4. It Shares an Ingredient with Guns

Lapis Lazuli contains lazurite, calcite, and pyrite. The first two elements are responsible for the blue and white hues of the stone respectively. Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, adds a touch of sparkle. 

The name Pyrite is a derivative of the Greek word for fire, ‘pyr’. This is due to the fact that this mineral creates sparks when you hit it with a steel object. As such, gunsmiths originally used pyrite in wheel lock firearms to create the spark needed to propel a bullet.

5. The Best Stones Come from Afghanistan

Like other precious stones and minerals, lapis lazuli exists in thick subterranean veins scattered across the Earth. The biggest and best deposits of lapis lazuli occur high in the mountains of Afghanistan and this is where the stone was first discovered. 

Lapis Lazuli that hails from this lofty origin goes by the name, ‘Persian Lapis’. It contains no calcite and very little pyrite.

As a result, these gems are totally blue with no white veins or spots. The color of Persian lapis varies from turquoise to almost violet. The darker the stone, the greater its value.

Today there are lapis lazuli mines scattered all over the world in China, Russia, South America, and Colorado, USA. However, none of these can compare with the original gemstones mined in Afghanistan. 

6. It Needs Special Care

Lapis lazuli may have survived centuries in the form of jewelry and ornaments, but it is a relatively soft stone and easily damaged.

Clean your lapis lazuli jewelry with a soft cloth. Harsh chemicals and steam cleaning can dull the luster of the stone. This means you should remove any lapis rings while handling household chemicals too. 

Lapis lazuli is also porous which means it absorbs liquids, so remove your rings while washing the dishes and bathing.

Because of its fragile nature, this gemstone is best suited for necklaces, pendants, and delicate earrings. If you simply must have a gorgeous lapis lazuli ring or bracelet, treat it with utmost care.

Keep your collection in individual soft bags away from other jewelry or hard objects that could rub against it. 

7. It Defies Traditional Classifications

Every type of lapis lazuli has its fans. Some people prefer pure blue stones while others love white or gold streaking. The artistry of the jewelry item can also affect its value. 

Officially, lapis lazuli has a specific gravity of 23.8 to 2.45 but this goes up or down according to how much pyrite and calcite are in the stone. Raw lapis lazuli has no luster at all, and it’s always opaque. 

As such is it’s very difficult to judge lapis lazuli purely along the classic lines of specific gravity, luster, and clarity. These terms refer to the purity of the gem, whereas many of the charms of lapis lazuli lie in impurity.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Today, lapis lazuli is a popular choice among those looking for unique colorful jewelry to call their own. 

If you’re intrigued by the mysteries of lapis lazuli stone, browse through stores and discover the many ways you can celebrate the beauty of this gem.

Do you have lapis jewelry? With so many options of the gemstones in the world, it is possible for you to choose lapis lazuli. Regardless of the material which is used to make the jewelry, you must know how each jewelry needs the right care and maintenance.

The reason why you must have special care to jewelry with lapis lazuli is due to its nature. Even though lapis lazuli is a fairly soft gem, it is a porous rock. If you then soak it in water, it can ruin that gem. To keep the value of your jewelry, then you can start the research which will help you care and clean lapis lazuli jewelry in the right way.

The good thing you should know is lapis lazuli is nowadays much-coveted gemstone among designers. Did you spend a fair amount of money to get that stone? This sounds to be true since the quality lapis lazuli jewelry comes with high price offerings. This means that you will try to not damage it anyway and care it properly.

For the storage need, don’t forget that this is the soft stone so that you must protect it from rubbing and scratching against the harder stones. Did you store it properly? Choose the soft cloth or the one specially designed as jewelry bag in order to prevent the jewelry from getting scratched by faceted gemstones, tanzanite or amethysts for instance. Sure, the best storage choice is to place it inside the jewelry box. This type of box is made with the ability to accommodate any temperature.

Is it important to keep it from direct sunlight? Sunlight can damage any stone which gets used in beaded jewelry, especially lapis lazuli. The exposure to the sunlight or even heat can potentially risk of the lazuli’s magnificent ultramarine blues fade.

In general, many women love to have jewelry regarding the choice to opt for. If you decide that lapis jewelry can be the best choice for you, then start making the purchase by first knowing a few things.

Do you know how to identify the genuine lapis lazuli gemstone? If you say that you are the newbie and seeking the related information, then you can do the online research. Make sure that you will also continue reading this article. For your information, lapis lazuli has been sought after and used in jewelry for the thousand years. One of the things you must keep in mind is that its rich blue color along with those sparkling flecks of the fools gold iron pyrite. It then makes that gemstone truly irresistible.

Unfortunately, lapis lazuli has become one of the most faked gemstones in the world. This means that you have the chance to get the faked one although you spend a lot of money to make a purchase. This then becomes the reason why you must be careful in selecting jewelry made from lapis lazuli. It can be quite hard to tell the differences between the real gemstone and the fake lazuli. When having the idea to buy it, you can follow these tips.

First, look at the price! The best quality lapis lazuli commands very high prices and tend to get set in gold. However, you may not solely focus on the price. If you then get in only a couple of dollars, it can be the fake one. It can also indicate that you get very poor quality dyed stones.

Do the test to know if your lapis lazuli has been dyed. For this, you can simply wipe your tone with alcohol or acetone. If it then loses its color, you can notice it as the poor quality lazuli which is used to imitate better quality lazuli. Of course, you must be able to distinguish the fake jewelry to avoid the fraud so that you will get what you pay for when buying the jewelry.


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